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C and C++
C and C++ remain the workhorse of the software industry. We have many years of expertise in both languages, on a variety of platforms: embedded systems, Windows GUI development and UNIX to name a few. We can provide mentoring, training and coaching for your team, or lend our experience to assist your team in its efforts.
Version Management
CVS remains the de facto standard for Version Management. We can help your team in many ways, from assisting your initial setup, to developing a set of "Best Practises" customized for your team, to training users on all levels of CVS, from beginner through to CVS administrators. In addition, our experts are familiar with a variety of GUI-based clients, such as SmartCVS and WinCVS.

We strongly discourage the use of Microsoft's Visual Source Safe. It is, according to our experience and to other reports, too unreliable for serious use. Alan De Smet has catalogued some of the more serious problems with VSS at this web site

Note: This recommendation is based on versions prior to Visual Source Safe 2005. We have not yet evaluated VSS 2005, and can make no recommendations for or against it at this time.

Other Technologies
While we believe that C and C++ are important in software development, we do recognize that these languages are not suited for all projects. Therefore, in addition to the core competencies we've listed above, we are also familiar with and can help apply a variety of other technologies, including Java.

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